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Welcome to “Little Grown Ups Knowledge Quest ” ABN 36 112 485 183 , we currently have two independent projects in progress . One that will allow us to have maximum fun and contribute into cognitive healthy well being, and the other which is working its way up to becoming a non profit organisation. We have manyu ambitious projects in mind to contribute for the well being of our children. Hope you will tag along to show your support.

“Project Fun” 

Currently uses Young Engineers enrichment programs to help children of all age group get in touch with their playful side. The LEGOs are more popular than ever before and we thought it is only perfect to use them in yet another domain , Firstly, we needed to ensure there was a sustainable source of income to strengthen our  ongoing projects and then we wanted to have fun with children and be amongst them constantly . This will allow us to learn from our experiences better  and help us understand their needs better while designing other educational solutions for them .

LEGO Facts:

  1. LEGOs provide tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment
  2. It teaches kids to think in three dimensions
  3. It improves literacy as kids work with instructions
  4. It develops problem-solving, organisation, and planning by construction
  5. It improves creativity
  6. It enhances communication and critical thinking
  7. It boosts kids motor development.

Ultimately leading to the same outcome we were already on … healthier longer natural living for our children. Project Fun was launched in Jan ’17.

Little GrownUps Herb School

Delivers a range of family friendly workshops, books and seminars that focus on teaching children and young adults, about ways of living naturally healthy.Little GrownUps Herb School

All resources developed & presented by the school in due course are carefully put together  to cater to different age groups, gender and cultural needs. Time sensitive topics such as: puberty, menstrual cycles, virginity, teen pregnancies, contraception and intercourse, are all dealt with creative script writing that makes discussing about them so much more easier and comfortable.

The mission of the school is, to equip children and young adults, with better knowledge, that will help them make the right choices, to live happy naturally with good health for a long time.

About Me

Finding innovative new methods to break barriers and cross communicate with children to help them grow healthy mentally, physically and intellectually”  is my goal. I am currently doing my Bachelor of Medicines Management (Professional Honours) and my main focus is on understanding the needs of the children and helping them explore their freedom of expression, to grow their intelligence and live a long healthy natural life  .
Little GrownUps Herb School

“Little GrownUps Herb School” is my greatest passion and this is my journey.

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Thank you for reading , feel free to tag along to see if I manage to make any difference to our beautiful world at all.

Regtd. Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist

Australian Traditional-Medicine Society